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When you need waste removal services, it is vital to choose a reputable company that holds a Waste Carrier Licence. In the UK, it is a legal requirement for anyone transporting waste to have a licence. As you are responsible for the safe and appropriate disposal of your waste, you must make sure your chosen contractor complies with legal requirements. When you choose Ava Grab Ltd for grab hire or muck away services in Ashford and the surrounding areas, you have the assurance that we are handling and disposing of waste properly. This includes recycling as much as possible in line with industry initiatives. As aggregate suppliers with our own recycling facilities, we process waste materials from grab lorry services ourselves, producing secondary aggregates and screened topsoil for sale.

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We would like to remind you that Ava Grab now supplies aggregates in 1-tonne bags. These allow us to deliver smaller loads and provide our clients with greater ease of use. We have also invested in a smaller 4-wheel lorry so we can deliver to tighter access areas.
bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates

Customers in Maidstone and Ashford should never overlook the importance of hiring a registered waste carrier and the following points explain why:

What is a Waste Carrier Licence?

A Waste Carrier Licence is a licence issued by the Environment Agency with the aim of reducing harm to the environment and human health by ensuring waste removal businesses dispose of waste properly.

As a grab hire company, Ava Grab Ltd holds a Waste Carrier Licence and complies with all regulations regarding the handling and disposal of muck away and all other waste items or materials, including:

Why Must a Waste Carrier Have a Licence?

Hiring a licensed waste carrier in Ashford gives you assurance of suitable and legal disposal methods. This includes recycling appropriate waste for processing into secondary aggregates. An added benefit of hiring Ava Grab is that we are also aggregate suppliers and can provide any aggregates you need, from individual tonne bags to bulk deliveries.

Using a registered waste carrier prevents fly tipping, which saves you from expensive fines. If you hire an unauthorised grab lorry contractor who illegally disposes of your waste, the police or local authority can trace this back to your property or site, and you can receive a £5,000 fine and a criminal record.

Suitable Disposal of Waste

Licenced grab hire companies, such as Ava Grab, make sure to dispose of various waste materials in the most suitable way. When undertaking muck away and waste removal services, we recycle as much collected waste as possible at our own facilities in Kent. Here, we separate, screen and process materials to produce secondary aggregates such as crushed concrete. Any waste we can’t recycle goes to authorised landfill sites.

Additional Licences & Insurance

In addition to holding a valid Waste Carrier Licence, Ava Grab Ltd works with full insurance, giving our customers in Ashford further peace of mind in our services. Furthermore, all our grab lorry operators have an HGV licence ensuring the safe and legal operation of grab vehicles, whether providing services as waste collectors or aggregate suppliers.

Remember, we now supply aggregates in handy 1-tonne bags. We deliver the perfect quantity for your project while minimising mess and enhancing ease of use. With a range of vehicles, including a 4-wheel lorry and grab lorries, we can access all sites and areas.
bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates
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