Aggregates and Muck Away in Canterbury | Suppliers Committed to Recycling

At Ava Grab Ltd, we are committed to helping customers reduce the environmental impact of their projects and aim to contribute to reducing the environmental effects of construction. Consequently, we focus on recycling as much waste as possible from grab hire and muck away jobs as well as encouraging the use of secondary aggregates in construction and landscaping. By providing services as both grab lorry specialists and aggregate suppliers, we maximise the scope of our commitment, providing customers in Canterbury, Maidstone and the surrounding areas with eco-conscious waste removal and aggregate supplies.

Read on to find out more about our recycling services and the benefits of secondary aggregates:

Don’t forget, Ava Grab now supplies various aggregates in smaller 1-tonne bags. You don’t have to waste money buying a full tipper load or worry about the mess caused by loose aggregates. Furthermore, our new 4-wheel lorry allows us to deliver to areas with tighter access.

bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates

Recycling Facilities

Unlike other grab hire companies, Ava Grab has dedicated facilities for recycling waste materials. We take waste from muck away and clearance jobs to our site in Kent, where we screen and separate waste to produce secondary aggregates and topsoil. We then sell these recycled aggregates to customers in Canterbury who require quality crushed concrete or topsoil.

By recycling waste, we minimise the amount that goes to landfill and help reduce the demand for new aggregates, which in turn helps lower emissions from the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Recycled Aggregates

There are many benefits to using recycled aggregates for your construction or landscaping project in Canterbury. As aggregate suppliers, Ava Grab provides all the aggregates you need, delivering all quantities in a grab lorry and allowing you to enjoy the following advantages:

Delivery & Collection

As a compliant and eco-conscious grab hire company, Ava Grab Ltd has a Waste Carrier Licence from the Environment Agency. This means our customers know we are disposing of waste in the most suitable way, which includes recycling as much as possible. Our waste collection services using a grab lorry are an efficient and reliable way to manage site waste and to minimise the amount of waste from your project that ends up in landfill.

In addition, our local delivery services as aggregate suppliers help keep projects in Canterbury as sustainable as possible by providing recycled aggregates with minimal transportation.

We don’t just deliver aggregates in tippers and grab lorries. Continually looking for ways to improve our services, Ava Grab Ltd is proud to now offer 1-tonne bags and a 4-wheel delivery lorry. We can supply whatever aggregates you need with maximum convenience.

bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates

For more information about our recycling process or to arrange muck away in the Canterbury area, call Steve on 07731 437099 or Mike on 07895 221514.