Grab Hire and Tonne Bags in Gravesend | Domestic Solutions

If you think grab hire and muck away services are only for large commercial projects, you’re not alone. But you are also incorrect. Ava Grab Ltd provides various services which are ideal for domestic projects in Gravesend, Maidstone and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a homeowner undertaking DIY work, a builder working on a house extension, or a landscaper transforming a garden, we are here to help. Using a grab lorry, we remove various types of waste, leaving the property clear. We also operate as aggregate suppliers, delivering the aggregates you need in handy 1-tonne bags.

With our customer focused solutions, you don’t have to worry about handling waste management yourself. This removes some of the stress and leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of the project.

Proper Removal and Disposal of Waste

When undertaking a domestic project in Gravesend, you are bound to create waste. You will need to dispose of this in a safe, legal manner, but how do you do that? The easiest way is with specialist grab hire.

Ava Grab comes to your property and removes any non-hazardous waste for you. We offer a muck away service and can also take garden waste, soil, concrete, general waste and more. As such, our waste management services are ideal for a range of projects, including extensions, conversions, renovations and landscaping projects.

Using a grab lorry, we can easily remove waste from all kinds of domestic properties. This is because the hydraulic arm allows us to reach over walls and other obstacles. After collection, we take it to our own screening and recycling facilities or to authorised disposal sites.

Delivery of Aggregates

Ava Grab doesn’t just provide domestic waste removal in Gravesend. In our capacity as aggregate suppliers we also deliver a wide range of aggregates for use in construction and landscaping. Our tonne bags are perfect for domestic projects because they allow our customers to order smaller quantities, rather than full tipper loads. They also reduce mess and provide greater ease of use.

Furthermore, we can deliver aggregates using a 4-wheel lorry rather than a grab lorry or tipper. This allows us to reach tight access sites and areas, which is a common issue on domestic jobs.

Improved Safety and Efficiency

No matter the project, safety should always be a priority. With the help of Ava Grab Ltd, you can improve site safety. We do this by keeping your site in the Gravesend area clear from waste, which if left poses a hazard because people can trip and injure themselves. Our same-day grab hire and muck away services ensure no rubbish is lying around site, unlike skip hire or other waste management options.

This also makes it easier and safer to move around site while ensuring you have room for materials you need. For example, there will be plenty of room for our aggregate suppliers to place tonne bags in the most convenient location. In turn, this improves project efficiency, helping you complete work more quickly.

Call Steve on 07731 437099 or Mike on 07895 221514 for tonne bags and domestic grab services in Gravesend.