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Tonne Bags from Aggregate Suppliers in Maidstone | A Guide to Aggregates and Their Uses

As well as providing grab hire services, we work as aggregate suppliers delivering all types of aggregates to customers in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. From sand to crushed concrete, we supply a full range of aggregates to meet your needs, but how do you know which aggregates are right for you? Our expert team has put together this useful guide explaining some of the different types of aggregates and their uses, as well as what you can expect from our delivery services using a grab lorry. We also provide information about our recycling and screening facilities, where we take waste from muck away and collection jobs and turn it into high-quality secondary aggregates.

If you would like to read reviews of our services from previous customers, please feel free to visit our testimonials page.

Aggregates come in a broad range of materials and sizes, from tonne bags to bulk deliveries, and are useful for all areas of construction and landscaping. The following are the main types Ava Grab Ltd supplies to customers in Maidstone:

Remember, we now deliver aggregates in 1-tonne bags, allowing you to order smaller loads. We can also deliver to tighter access sites and areas using our 4-wheel lorry instead of larger tippers or grab lorries.

These new service adaptations provide maximum ease of use and efficiency, along with less mess.
bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates

Crushed Concrete

Made from recycled materials, crushed concrete is popular for use as a sub-base for roads or a base layer for other construction materials. It is also suitable for backfills and a variety of other construction applications, available in a range of sizes to suit your project.

Ava Grab Ltd produces crushed concrete at our own facilities, using waste concrete collected through our grab hire and muck away services in Maidstone.

MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1 is a common sub-base for highways, car parks, driveways and buildings. If you expect high levels of foot or vehicle traffic, MOT Type 1 is a must. Our aggregate suppliers regularly supply Type 1 to customers who require a firm and durable sub-base because the mixture of solid and fine particles ensures minimal voids when compacted. This results in a strong load-bearing layer that provides a flat surface.

Because we use a grab lorry for deliveries, we can supply any quantity of Type 1 or other aggregates, including bulk deliveries for large-scale construction jobs.


Topsoil is for anyone in Maidstone who wants the best possible growing environment for plants or turf. You can also use topsoil for levelling sloped or uneven ground or building up areas. Topsoil comes in a range of grades, from standard to premium, with each suited to certain applications.

As an environmentally conscious grab hire company, when we carry out a muck away or collection job, we take waste materials to our own screening facilities. Here, we separate materials and remove contaminants and weeds from soil to leave nutrient-rich topsoil that is ideal for landscaping projects.


Sand is a natural material that is ideal for landscaping, construction and manufacturing. There are different options available, including:

Whatever your requirements, the friendly aggregate suppliers at Ava Grab are always happy to help. In addition, we ensure our services are as stress-free and as efficient as possible by using a grab lorry for deliveries in the Maidstone area.

Don’t forget, our tonne bags are the ideal solution when you require a smaller quantity of aggregates. There is no need to purchase a full 17-tonne load, saving you money and helping streamline operations.
bags of soilbags of sandwhite bags of soilbags of aggregates
When you need experienced and reliable aggregate suppliers in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, call Steve on 07731 437099 or Mike on 07895 221514. We offer tonne bags and bulk deliveries.