Aggregate Suppliers and Grab Hire in Sittingbourne | Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Our Local Services

With growing environmental concerns, it has never been more important to try and reduce the environmental impact of construction. Consequently, Ava Grab Ltd provides a range of local grab hire services for customers in Sittingbourne, Maidstone and the surrounding areas to help minimise their carbon footprints. These services include using a grab lorry to minimise the number of trips needed for muck away and aggregate deliveries, as well as recycling as much waste as possible at our local facilities. Furthermore, as aggregate suppliers we deliver topsoil supplies and other secondary aggregates from our site locally, further minimising emissions from production and transportation.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, read on to discover how Ava Grab Ltd can help.

Efficient Collections & Deliveries

A lot of the carbon emissions associated with construction work come from vehicle waste collections and deliveries. As such, one way to reduce your carbon footprint is to minimise the number of trips vehicles make to and from your site in Sittingbourne.

Ava Grab Ltd helps with this by using a high-capacity grab lorry for all waste collections, muck away and aggregate supplies. By collecting large quantities of waste in one go we reduce the number of trips it takes to clear your site. In addition, in our capacity as aggregate suppliers, we can deliver all the aggregates you need in as few trips as possible, using lorries capable of holding bulk aggregate and topsoil supplies.

Furthermore, the versatility of our grab hire vehicles means we can provide delivery and collection services at the same time, using the same lorry. This offers maximum efficiency and helps you reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.

Recycled Aggregates

Choosing recycled aggregates for your project in Sittingbourne is an ideal way to lower your carbon footprint. This is because screening and processing recycled materials uses significantly less energy and produces much fewer emissions than quarrying primary aggregates.

In addition, secondary aggregate and topsoil supplies minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill as well as reducing the demand for new aggregates, all of which aid in lowering your carbon footprint.

Ava Grab Ltd supplies a full range of secondary aggregates for all your domestic or commercial requirements, using a grab lorry for efficient delivery.

Local Services

By keeping our grab hire services local we make it easier for customers in Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas to reduce their carbon footprint. We achieve this in the following ways:

For more information about our grab hire services in the Sittingbourne area, or to arrange services with our grab lorry operators and aggregate suppliers, call Steve on 07731 437099 or Mike on 07895 221514.